Naphtali empowered our team with a new understanding so they could thrive and have a successful reopening, even in a time of extreme uncertainty.
Headshot of Martin Tennant
Martin Tennant
Dir. Learning, Encore
Boston Harbor
Working with Naf was a game-changer for me. As an entrepreneur and executive, I've always struggled to turn my swirling ideas into reality. Naf stepped in as more than just a coach; he became a guiding light. His wisdom didn't just help me reduce stress and embrace kindness; it did something extraordinary—I found myself strumming my guitar for hours every evening and connecting with my daughter on a level I never thought possible. And we never even directly aimed for these changes! Naf's approach, so full of genuine care and understanding, not only propelled my career forward but also enriched my life in the most unexpected ways.
Headshot of Dallin Cottle
Dallin Cottle
I met with Naf in April 2019 for a 2 day intensive session. My web development business was going great on paper, but my life was my work- I was barely sleeping and I was constantly run down. Our sessions opened a lot of mental doors that helped me find more life balance, acceptance, and perspective. In the following years I transformed my business into something sustainable and far more successful. I was working less and had the mental space and energy to make bigger decisions (which helped lead me through a merger in 2021 and a sale in 2023). Naf does not tell you what to do; his gift is in helping you find transformative solutions from within yourself. Still to this day, I work less, wake up and go to sleep less burdened, have stronger relationships, dedicate more time to my hobbies, and in general I’m happier and more motivated than ever!
Peter Modest
CTO, Digital Impulse
If you are genuinely interested in exploring what and who you are, Naphtali will help you go all the way.  His coaching has provided me the insight to implement a new attitude to life and bring some clarity to what I want it to look like.  And best of all, the kindness and compassion that has awoken in me continues to manifest in profound ways that have opened up opportunities I never would have believed possible.
Cameron Young
Spiritual Seeker
Working with Naf has been such a breath of fresh air —he's helped me focus on what really matters in my business as an artist/entrepreneur and focus on the most important aspects of being a creative. I have a specific project I'm bringing to life, and Naf is the first coach of many I've worked with who really got to the core of the idea and helped me brainstorm ways on how to connect with investors. I have an overall sense of peace, wholeness and tranquility, to have someone in my corner who truly believes in me, is tough on me, and is rooting for me to succeed because how could I not with this much energy behind me?!
Naf is a gem coach! A truly dedicated,  intelligent and empathetic being. Someone who goes far and beyond to support his clients and gently nudges them to see their best versions. Over the past several months, Naf has helped me navigate through social and psychological wilderness — from being riddled with anxiety and self-doubt to a place of fulfillment and hope — as I not only moved geographically to another continent but out of the shadows of isolation to an Ivy-League University.
Umer Naru
Working with Naf as a coach has been a transformative experience for me as both an entrepreneur, doctor, father, and husband. He has (maybe unknowingly) touched all aspects of my life. His approach is unique. Many coaches tell you what to do, or what to think. Naf teaches you how to think for yourself. It sounds so simple, but that's because as adults we overcomplicate everything. He always says to me, "You have all the answers, I'd just like to help you find them."  He has not only helped me in translating abstract ideas into tangible successes but also immensely contributed to a better sense of mental well-being. Through his coaching, I've discovered many universal truths that translated into stress reduction, communicating with kindness, and empowering others, which has been revolutionary for both my relationships with others, my professional journey, and personal growth.
Headshot of Dr. Matthew Antonucci
Dr. Matt Anotnucci
President, NeuroSynergy
Naphtali was able to guide me to some distinctions in my approach to work and life that had a profound effect on me [and] translated to more clarity in my decision-making process for work.
Headshot of Dr. Freddys Garcia
Dr. Freddys Garcia
Director, Carrick Institute
Working with Naphtali has been instrumental in my growth as a senior leader within an organization AND as a moonlighting entrepreneur. He has the ability to continually help me step back and gain a wider perspective of any given situation in order to see the humanity in any dynamic. I have become a more empathetic and understanding person/employee/individual contributor/manager since working with Naf and I’m grateful that we found each other!
Josh Lafayette
Creative Director
Naf is one of a kind. His coaching style is to teach someone to fish, not giving them a fish - though sometimes, as he’s a compassionate person, he does that too. When I was out of a job he helped me shift my thinking so I could reduce my stress, hence develop resilience and from that place of reduced desperation, I was able to land a really good, well paying job which I’m enjoying and growing in.
His paradigm shifting approach is ideal for entrepreneurs [and] companies to take their business to the next level. He will show you in a very practical way how and why compassion and “humanness” is good not just for your soul but also for your financial bottom line.
Naf has a deceptively simple approach to coaching. Naf is committed to the essence of human nature. He prescribes no tools or tips or checklists to follow. If you have worked with other coaches or tried self-help books, your first reaction might be somewhat perplexed. What you realize is clear as you work with Naf is that he leads you to achieve clarity of yourself and your situation. We all make assumptions that we believe are obvious and true. But, without realizing it, we can let those assumptions impose false barriers to achieving what we want to achieve. Naf has a deep understanding of business – and the tech industry specifically – which adds to the calm confidence you develop as you work with him. Naf suggests plenty of useful practical specifics that evolve out of your discussions as he guides you to clarity and shedding your blocks.  I have greater perspective and understanding than I’ve ever had and I am very grateful to Naf Visser to helping me achieve that.
What makes coaching with Naphtali unique is that it comes from a place of real experience and a profound understanding of life’s deeper truths. I have always struggled with an existential sense of needing to find purpose and meaning in life where there appears to be none. Through coaching with Naphtali, I began to realize that the answers and truths I’m looking for are not “out there” but are very much “in here” with me. Absolutely no topic is off limits and he is someone you can feel comfortable confiding in and “going there” with. Today, I feel more balanced with better mental clarity about myself and the future with plans to start my entrepreneurial journey.

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Alright, but what exactly do you do?

We're focused on your business, not our ideas. Everything we do is designed to have a direct impact on the aspects of your business that are most important to you.

Every program that we do is based on sharing a very simple understanding of what we call the "Human Operating System" — that is, the underlying principles that govern how every human on the planet operates. We have found that as they embody this understanding, their business lives and personal lives drastically improve.

Sometimes that looks like a 2-day workshop, sometimes it looks like 1-on-1 coaching for several months, but every time, we'll craft something together that works for everyone.

Can you just help us understand culture best practices?

While it may look like culture is a set of policies, procedures, benefits, environment, and so on, those things can only be a by-product of that understanding.

So, our programs are designed to help you gain a deep understanding of what it is that makes people tick — and it's quite different than what you might think. From that understanding, a great culture that inspires creativity, innovation, productivity and loyalty naturally emerges.