Humans Working: The Book

A Simple Understanding Changes Everything

What if a simple understanding of how the mind works was all you needed to build a business that inspired innovation, productivity, loyalty and the ability to continually solve complex business problems? What if you never needed to study “proven strategies” or buy into someone else’s success story?

Imagine if…
- Business problems seemed to melt away on their own.
- You could work and live free of overwhelm and anxiety.
- Your staff was fiercely loyal and committed to your success.
- New, game-changing ideas and innovations were commonplace.

Humans Working presents a deep, yet straightforward understanding of the most important asset in business – the human mind – and illustrates implications for you as a business leader, contributor, parent, partner and beyond.
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Johnson, PhD

Author of The Little Book of Big Change and Just a Thought
Humans Working is not your typical business book. This book goes much deeper than sharing organizational-level practices and strategies; it points to an understanding of human nature that applies to all people in all settings. If you are ready for deep, sustainable change that is based on mutual respect and understanding, I urge you to read Humans Working today.

Stephan Chenette

CEO, AttackIQ
As the CEO of a fast-growing company, [...] Humans Working has helped me [...] see that the greatest CEOs [...] succeed by letting go and allowing success to come through them. By humanizing your culture and team, you can cultivate an energy that is far more powerful than you can create alone. Humans Working has offered something different – that if I trust in the unknown [...] the result can be far more powerful than expected.

Marty Sirkin

Co-Founder and CTO, Spoiler Alert
"Throughout my career as a computer scientist and serial entrepreneur, I have constantly pushed for businesses to realize that the single most important thing they can do to supercharge their business is to start paying attention to the people they work with. In this book, Naphtali shows his caring nature and demonstrates his deep understanding of the truth that without a positive and happy culture, no business has a chance to be successful. If you embrace the ideas in this book, everything about your business will change."

Amir Karkouti

CEO, Surf Brothers Teriyaki
Humans Working is a game-changer! Unlike most business books, you will not find strategies, tools, or techniques you need to follow. Instead, Naphtali points us to the most important thing for any business to thrive: what’s already inside us. With wit, humor, and personal stories, Naphtali takes you on a personal journey to ignite the spark inside your business and even your personal life. Read this book the first time for information and read it again for a transformation!