We help leaders and teams create cultures that bring out the best in people.

That almost always leads to better outcomes for everyone.
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"Naphtali's message is, at its core, pointing to what you already know, yet is quite contrary to much of the typical advice of the business world. His transformative mindset has allowed me to access and achieve my untapped potential."
-Tim Driscoll, Sr. Dir. of Innovation, Boston Children's Hospital

So how do we get there together?

Whether working 1-on-1 with a CEO or with a team of engineers, our primary goal is to help everyone quickly "get" how the Human Operating System really works, universally, for all people.
When even a small subset of the company, from the top down, understands the Human Operating System, projects flow easily, innovative ideas show up naturally, and financial success follows as a result.
Every program that we create is unique and hand-crafted so that we can guarantee your results.

Here are some starting points to get the neurons firing.


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Naphtali empowered our team with a new understanding so they could thrive and have a successful reopening, even in a time of extreme uncertainty.
Headshot of Martin Tennant
Martin Tennant
Dir. Learning, Encore
Boston Harbor
Naphtali took a list of things that kept me up at night, and within a day and a half, that list of things seemed to melt away and was replaced with creativity and innovation.
Headshot of Dallin Cottle
Dallin Cottle
Naphtali is one of the most genuine people I've ever met. His secret weapons are his acute skills of observation and listening.
Headshot of Dr. Matthew Antonucci
Dr. Matt Anotnucci
President, NeuroSynergy
Naphtali was able to guide me to some distinctions in my approach to work and life that had a profound effect on me [and] translated to more clarity in my decision-making process for work.
Headshot of Dr. Freddys Garcia
Dr. Freddys Garcia
Director, Carrick Institute

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Alright, but what exactly do you do?

We're focused on your business, not our ideas. Everything we do is designed to have a direct impact on the aspects of your business that are most important to you.

Every program that we do is based on sharing a very simple understanding of what we call the "Human Operating System" — that is, the underlying principles that govern how every human on the planet operates. We have found that as they embody this understanding, their business lives and personal lives drastically improve.

Sometimes that looks like a 2-day workshop, sometimes it looks like 1-on-1 coaching for several months, but every time, we'll craft something together that works for everyone.

Can you just help us understand culture best practices?

While it may look like culture is a set of policies, procedures, benefits, environment, and so on, those things can only be a by-product of that understanding.

So, our programs are designed to help you gain a deep understanding of what it is that makes people tick — and it's quite different than what you might think. From that understanding, a great culture that inspires creativity, innovation, productivity and loyalty naturally emerges.