I Have a Dream

This piece was excerpted from Naphtali's book, Humans Working.

I have a dream and it’s about kindness.  

I dream of a world in which we truly treat others as we’d want to be treated, where we are able to feel true empathy for others, even when that seems to be an impossibility. I dream of that everyone can see the love that exists everywhere, and to gain our power and be driven by the love that we have inside of ourselves, rather than be beaten down by the hate that permeates so much of our culture. I dream of a world in which we judge less and love more.

Deep in my heart, I believe that to fulfill this dream – which could happen in an instant – will remarkably improve our ability to preserve the planet and its creatures in the long term and to help bring economic prosperity to those that haven’t yet experienced it.

I dream that companies will exist to fulfill a mission that goes way beyond themselves. They will build cultures that are based on trust, empathy and clear vision.  Compensation, benefits, and perks will serve to encourage employees to grow, prosper and enjoy life to its fullest.I dream that companies will become more ethical as a way to inspire others to do the same.  

I dream of a world where we don’t compromise our ethics to protect our profits, where it is second nature to feed the souls and mouths of our employees and every other human that your business touches.I dream that we all will learn to see everyone – employee, vendor, customer, aggressor or friend – as human, first and foremost.  

I dream that regulatory organizations such as OSHA become virtually obsolete as companies learn the tangible and intangible benefits of self-regulation.

What if everything we did was designed to make the world a better place? What if we really were the change we wanted to see in the world?

I believe so strongly in the human potential and in harnessing the massive amounts of wealth and technology that we’ve already created to create a better, more peaceful world for everyone. I believe that one of the fastest ways to achieve this dream is through a powerful force called business.

I believe that global peace is achievable. My goal is to help at least 250,000 "people in business" (at all levels) over the next 3 years – that’s just 0.1% of the American workforce.  But, I can only do that by starting with you, the business leaders.  With an understanding of what I’m pointing to, not only can you make your business thrive and grow, you can also help create a world in which people love their jobs and start to create a more peaceful, just world.