Fresh Start

If a couple of co-founders, or perhaps a couple of C-Suite executives just can't seem to get along, I can help them see their way to a "fresh start."

No diagnosing, no digging into all the problems, the hurt, and the complaints.  

Simply pointing them, in a guided way, toward the innate kindness and well-being that's inside everyone.

It can be surprisingly simple, even when it seems like an impossibility.

How it Works

Usually, we'll find a great cozy space to settle in for a single day. Think lots of natural light, comfy couches, with lots of healthy snacks and a proper (not fast food or pizza) catered lunch. (Most certainly not a conference room.)

We'll agree to turn off our devices and have a guided chat.

Miracles will happen.

Then, we'll have some follow-up calls, if that seems like it would be helpful.