Leadership Coaching

I help professionals (C-suite executives, company founders, medical professionals, and other business leaders) who are looking to amplify their impact, while drastically reducing stress and overwhelm.

I've been there, in the trenches of many high-pressure, technology-focused, business environments, thinking that if I could only make a good living (or find a loving partner, work fewer hours, travel more, etc.), then I would be happy and have peace of mind. 

But I've come to see that it works the other way around — peace of mind is innate — always there — just waiting to be uncovered. And from a place of well-being, the "world" looks completely different; and success, including financial, career, or business success, takes on a whole new meaning.

As we start working together, you'll come to gain a deep understanding of yourself and your innate mental well-being.  As our relationship continues, it will become obvious how to apply this new understanding, nearly effortlessly, to becoming a better, more compassionate, more impactful, more powerful, and more effective leader.

If any of this sounds promising, please schedule a time where we can talk about what being more impactful would look like to you and how we can get there together. 

The Details

I work with people — particularly men — who are interested in gaining more power and freedom by opening their hearts.

Most of my clients have spent much of their lives chasing financial success (and sometimes finding it), yet still continuously find themselves stuck in a maze of dissatisfaction with life. I can help you out of that maze, while still keeping your "high-performer" side alive.

Outcome #1: A Deep Sense of Innate Well-Being

Together, following a thorough intake process to understand your perceptions of the world and desired outcomes, we'll explore some principles that apply universally to the experience we call being human. Along the way, you'll have insights — quite literally, you'll see something new, from within yourself. From there, everything can change, without effort.
  • You'll see that it's possible to experience a lasting, pervasive sense of peace and lightheartedness and know that nothing can ever deprive you of that innate well-being. (Not money, health, relationships, geopolitics, artificial intelligence, or even a rocky past or uncertain future.)
  • You'll start to trust that everything is falling into place exactly as it should, and that there's much less (if anything) that needs to be done to control the world.
  • You'll quit your addiction to power and winning, without losing any power and while winning just as much.
  • You'll learn to be comfortable in your own skin, regardless of how others view you or how you compare yourself to others.
  • You'll experience that simply "being" can be even more wonderful than "doing."

Outcome #2: "Real-World" Results

In our continued discussions, we will use this newfound sense of innate well-being as the basis of a framework to attain  these "real-world" results:

In Business

  • You'll be able to make decisions in alignment with your heart, without allowing your thinking to second-guess you — and all with far less stress and far more joy.
  • You will see the world through a completely different lens, providing you the perfect platform to become a "lighthouse leader" that naturally breeds followers and and staunchly loyal teams. 
  • When disaster strikes, rather than being thrown off course, you'll be able to see through the fog to opportunities where others see none.
  • And with those newfound approaches, you'll likely have more financial success, though that might no longer be your primary focus.
  • You'll discover that life isn't a grind or a race and cease to see time as a limiting factor.
  • You'll structure every deal so that everyone wins, and won't see "others" as competition.

In Life

  • You'll notice that your relationships will improve, even heal, without having to "work" on them.
  • You'll enjoy a greater sense of connection, even with those you previously found difficult. 
  • You'll notice that your physical health will shift, without "dieting," or forcing yourself to go to the gym.
  • You'll spend less time trying to be right and more time enjoying each moment.
  • Kindness will become second nature.
  • You'll worry — about everything — far, far less: finances, wars, your family, and the future.
  • You'll stop chasing alcohol (or stronger substances), comfort food, and lavish experiences, while still experiencing the joys of food, travel, and so on, that you truly desire.

My Commitments to You

When you decide to work with me, I commit 100% to these ideals:
  • I will meet you where you are and build on your current understanding.
  • I will not try to convince you of anything or try to change your thinking.
  • I will always aim to create a positive, uplifting and energizing experience.
  • I will not diagnose you, and we will not marinate in any perceived or actual diagnoses, or in the past. 
  • We will, above all else, focus on your mental well-being; and, together, discover how much more beautiful life can be by doing less and trusting more.
  • We won't set concrete goals or accountability targets or talk about time management. I won't give you more to do, and I won't trick you into discussing anything you don't really want to.
  • We will only discuss things that are practically applicable to your life.
  • We won't wander into theoretical or "woo-woo" conversations that have no bearing on your well-being.