Problem-Solving Workshops

This program is for companies looking to solve a particular business problem.  Some examples:

  • how to deal with a down economy;
  • how to increase revenue quickly;
  • how to recruit quickly;
  • how to adapt to AI or other changing business landscapes;

How It Works

This is typically a four-day workshop, though it can be abridged to 2.5 days.  

During the first two days, we dig into an understanding of how the mind works, essentially mirroring the content of the “Inside-Out Leadership Seminar” above.  In the following two days, we guide you (and your team) to solve your previously-unsolvable business problem.

Sounds like magic?  Well, what's really happening is that once people understand how the Human Operating System works, brilliant, new, innovative ideas seem to come “from nowhere” and problems that were previously unsolvable become solvable quite easily.

That is, despite you having "tried everything," there are ideas that will seem so obvious to you once your mind settles.  This program is about helping you to let your mind settle and helping the brilliant ideas bubble to the top.