Team Effectiveness Workshops

These seminars are great for any team, or an entire company, looking to maximize their effectiveness, while also enhancing everyone's sense of well-being.

They are especially good for: 

  • Startups that are hitting the point of "growing pains" (which seems to often happen around 150 people)
  • Larger organizations that are experiencing internal conflict among or between teams
  • Any company or team to do more with less


  • Be able to keep their cool in times of chaos, without having to employ any strategies.
  • Be able to work with a sense of ease, clarity and flow.
  • Be able to work free of overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Connect more deeply with each other, customers and vendors.
  • Have a new understanding of how to solve problems that they've been struggling with for months.
  • Notice opportunity everywhere, even in a downturn.
  • Notice that problems begin to disappear by themselves.
  • Grow personally and professionally, without effort.

How It Works

We will gather (hopefully in person), and over the course of (typically) two days, together, we'll share stories and experiences that point everyone to a deep understanding of the Human Operating System.

The Human Operating System is a set of principles (things that are universally true among all humans) that govern how we operate moment to moment.  

The workshop is highly interactive, and many people report it being incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.   It's not a training; it's an immersive experience.

  • No Powerpoint/Keynote slides.  
  • No taking notes.
  • No quiz.
  • No scores.
  • No competition.