Team & Company Coaching

These are some examples of how we work with groups within companies — from a couple of co-founders to teams to entire companies.  

Team Effectiveness Workshops

These seminars are great for any team, or an entire company, looking to maximize their effectiveness, while also enhancing everyone's sense of well-being.

They are especially good for: 

  • Startups that are hitting the point of "growing pains" (which seems to often happen around 150 people)
  • Larger organizations that are experiencing internal conflict among or between teams
  • Any company or team to do more with less


  • Be able to keep their cool in times of chaos, without having to employ any strategies.
  • Be able to work with a sense of ease, clarity and flow.
  • Be able to work free of overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Connect more deeply with each other, customers and vendors.
  • Have a new understanding of how to solve problems that they've been struggling with for months.
  • Notice opportunity everywhere, even in a downturn.
  • Notice that problems begin to disappear by themselves.
  • Grow personally and professionally, without effort.

How It Works

We will gather (hopefully in person), and over the course of (typically) two days, together, we'll share stories and experiences that point everyone to a deep understanding of the Human Operating System.

The Human Operating System is a set of principles (things that are universally true among all humans) that govern how we operate moment to moment.  

The workshop is highly interactive, and many people report it being incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.   It's not a training; it's an immersive experience.

  • No Powerpoint/Keynote slides.  
  • No taking notes.
  • No quiz.
  • No scores.
  • No competition.

Problem-Solving Workshops

This program is for companies looking to solve a particular business problem.  Some examples:

  • how to deal with a down economy;
  • how to increase revenue quickly;
  • how to recruit quickly;
  • how to adapt to AI or other changing business landscapes;

How It Works

This is typically a four-day workshop, though it can be abridged to 2.5 days.  

During the first two days, we dig into an understanding of how the mind works, essentially mirroring the content of the “Inside-Out Leadership Seminar” above.  In the following two days, we guide you (and your team) to solve your previously-unsolvable business problem.

Sounds like magic?  Well, what's really happening is that once people understand how the Human Operating System works, brilliant, new, innovative ideas seem to come “from nowhere” and problems that were previously unsolvable become solvable quite easily.

That is, despite you having "tried everything," there are ideas that will seem so obvious to you once your mind settles.  This program is about helping you to let your mind settle and helping the brilliant ideas bubble to the top.

"Founder Therapy"

If a couple of co-founders, or perhaps a couple of C-Suite executives just can't seem to get along, I can help them see their way to a "fresh start."

No diagnosing, no digging into all the problems, the hurt, and the complaints.  

Simply pointing them, in a guided way, toward the innate kindness and well-being that's inside everyone.

It can be surprisingly simple, even when it seems like an impossibility.

How it Works

Usually, we'll find a great cozy space to settle in for a single day. Think lots of natural light, comfy couches, with lots of healthy snacks and a proper (not fast food or pizza) catered lunch. (Most certainly not a conference room.)

We'll agree to turn off our devices and have a guided chat.

Miracles will happen.

Then, we'll have some follow-up calls, if that seems like it would be helpful.